Plug In Room is all about Live InterActive Video Communication and Entertainment. You can watch Live Performances and you can See and Talk Live with everyone.

Plug In Room enables you to store all your stuff - You can plug in Videos, Photos, Music, etc   AND you can designate Plug in Rooms as being private or public.

You can host Live Parties where everyone in attendance can See and Talk with each other. If anyone wants to have a private conversation, they can open a private plug in room.

Design your rooms to host parties, watch videos or movies or listen to music in your media room; open an office room to conduct business and Yes, you can even do your home work in your study room. Check out the sites below to see why we’re the only social network like it! It’s all Free!

Plug in Room is in Beta and has just launched. Become a Charter Member ("CM") now and receive priority access to New "Plugin" Videos, Music, Movies and Tickets. Every Friday, we Host a "CM" Party on It's all about FUN, but we're also talking Money too - Yea - Now CM's can make a few bucks using Plugin Room! We want you in, so Register Now - Click Here.
Add Live Video/Audio Communication to your Room, It’s FREE. When you add The Direct Connector to your Room the above Icon will be displayed. Viewers can click on the icon and be directly connected to you. If they have a webcam & microphone you can talk and see each other. If you’re not available, the viewer can leave a video, audio or text message. When you’re not using the Direct Connector to interact with Viewers, you can call your friends, family and co-workers, anytime, anywhere for FREE. To get started, you’ll need to download the program. The software for Live Net Talk is called TalkByPC. Click Here to Download. For Instructions on how it works, Click Here.
  • See My Flix - Legally Download Movies to your PC or TV.
  • imu6 - Musix - music - your way!
  • See the Tix - Movies, Sports, Events, Concerts & Theaters.
  • PrinTix - Computer Tickets for Netcast Concerts.
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